InfraSolutions, a division of McFarland Johnson, utilizes new technology to streamline the project process and ensure efficient, cost-effective communication and project deliverables. We take pride in being an industry innovator, developing advanced technological solutions and utilizing cutting-edge technology in the workplace, including the successful application of the newest advances in project management and project delivery. Understanding that innovation is critical to ensuring success for our clients and our business, this is an inherent quality in the culture of our company, and it drives maximized value for our clients.

AVIAS' suite of specialized applications from dynamic analysis and inspections to real estate management, obstruction tracking, pavement condition monitoring, and comprehensive project control, offers a one-stop solution to optimize airport efficiency and development. Empower your airport with AVIAS.


What We Do

Utilize cutting-edge modeling software and techniques to generate ultra-realistic simulation models and visualizations to depict potential solutions and alternatives, providing an unmatched level of project understanding.

MJ Services

Our trusted professionals offer a full range of services aimed at maximizing value for our clients and improving the safety, efficiency and comfort of our communities.